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Garter Styles
October 30, 2015

Garters are one of the dreamiest parts of your wedding day ensemble. It’s the irresistible detail that makes you feel just the right amount of sexy. Display it with your bridal jewelry, perfume bottle, and your veil the morning of your wedding for sweetly romantic photos that you will cherish for years to come. And, since its tucked away out of sight, you can go for color or dramatic details.

We love garters that are fashionable expressions of your style. You can go softly boho with a delicate Twigs & Honey garter with a dangling, twenties inspired chain.

444k_grandeOr, if glam is your fave, opt for a lace Camilla Christine garter embellished with crystal appliqués. Simply slip one onto your leg for bridal seductiveness at its best. Which style is your favorite – twiggy and delicate or glam and glitzy?

1153TC TIP: Can’t bear to have your lovely garter tossed? A lot of our garter sets come with two garters. One elaborate garter to keep and a simpler one to toss! This way you don’t have to pick between memories and traditions!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina, Apicturelife Photography

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