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TC New Bridesmaids Designer: Adrianna Papell
December 4, 2015

The final and most sparkly designer TC will be carrying is Adrianna Papell! We couldn’t help but notice that Adrianna Papell’s beaded dresses were all over Pinterest and Instagram this past season. Like everyone else, we fell in love and knew we had to have them. Adrianna Papell’s bridesmaid gowns are of-the-moment works of art featuring intricate embroidery and slim, elongating silhouettes. As fashion lovers, we adore the unexpected mix and match possibilities within Adrianna Papell’s collection. Whatever your wedding style is, there is a stunning Adrianna Papell dress for your bridal party! Check out some of the dresses we will be carrying below!

adrianna papell 1adrianna papell 3adrianna papell 2TC TIP: Adrianna Papell redefined mix and matching for bridesmaid dresses. Take a cue from her and pick dresses with different types of embroidery and hues of color for a how-on-earth-did-she-pull-that-off look. One way to make sure it all ties together? Keep the silhouette and fabric the same.

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